Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We haven't had a lot happening around here lately.

Mason did have Parent-Teacher Conferences on the 13th and is doing very well. I can't believe that he is already through the 1st Trimester of 2nd grade. He is growing up way too fast.

Jose is working steadily which is such a blessing. He works in Jerome for Liberty Companies doing a little bit of everything. He was originally hired as a delivery driver, but since then he has been put in charge of the yard. He also works in the shop when needed and does a little bit of sales plus doing all of the deliveries. He loves his job which is a blessing in itself.

I am babysitting kids out of our house which is great because it allows me to stay home and make some money at the same time. I am also one of the room moms for Mason's class again this year. We have the first class party this Friday for Halloween. Mason is so excited about his costume. I had all of my teeth pulled 6 weeks ago and I go back to the dentist on Thursday to do the impressions for my dentures. Hopefully it will only take a couple of weeks to get them made and fitted. I also graduated my MRT class which means that I no longer have to drive to Twin Falls every Wednesday evening! I am so thankful that I graduated last week since we woke up to snow this morning!! I hate driving in the snow and bad weather.

That is pretty much all that has been going on with our family. I will post pictures of Mason in his Halloween costume next week. Hope that things are going well with everyone!!

Happy Halloween!!

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